Monday, March 21, 2011

diy Patchwork bookmarks ~by my girlies

Happy Spring... I am happy that the day on the calendar has arrived but really when the weather finally turns then I will really be able to say Happy Spring to all. 
 However in light of the seasons changing which I absolutely love
 we have been doing a few fun projects ..especially with fabric scraps.  

We worked on these 'patchwork' bookmarks the other day for a B-day present for the kid's Grandpa.  
The thing I like about this idea is it gave my girls the opportunity to touch the fabric and put colors together.
  It was a lot of fun and easy to do. 
 I used up some scrap fabric but I think if you had some really chick new stuff these could be a real hit!!

Patchwork bookmarks made by my girls.  
I think a new or used book and a book mark is one of the best gifts! 

If your interested here is how we went about it. :)
I tend to do almost everything "with" my kiddos and so while
the little guy was playing cars we were cutting up fabric.
 However in this pic I guess he was more interested in his 'bear bear' and the fabric. 
It's amazing we caught him holding still. ;) 

I absolutely love this picture of my girls hands
reaching for the colorful fabric.
We just used pieces of scrapbook paper I had
and a glue sick  to put the fabric on.
My little Lydia took this pic.  ;)
We wanted to monogram the bookmarks to make them more personal.
Plus I just love monogramming..;)

I think stitching on paper is fun so I decided to give Autty a go at it.
She was a natural on the sewing machine and tonight we practiced again.
It is fun to work with her on something she really desires to do, funny thing is she will probably pass me up if she keeps learning at this rate. ;)

Here is the back of them. 
 I didn't want to cover up the back because I wanted to leave room for a written note.
As you can see one is for one of the Grandmas. :)
They are done except for being laminated and some ribbon.
I did leave a few with no stitching just for variety.

Here we are at the Kirtasiye (office supply store) getting them laminated.
For all you Turkey dwellers several Kirtasiyes have lamination machines and it is inexpensive.
 Yep that's the lamination machine. I don't know why I took the pic authenticity, I guess. ?? ;)
 It cost about 2 liras for one page. (just over a dollar)

Here they are laminated.
 I cut them up and then rounded the corners so they weren't so poky. 
I put a slit in the center top and found a pretty ribbon for each
 and then hand sewed the ribbon together.

This little picture is a token for my girlie's. 

I have a few more 'no sew fabric projects' I want to post.  Fabric is one of my favorite things and this last weekend our family went to Istanbul for an education conference and I was able to buy a few cotton pieces of fabric.(cotton is really hard to find and pretty expensive) I am thrilled and completely inspired ~ inspiration is not usually my issue for not getting more done, it is time. I figure God allots 24 hours for a reason so I guess I will submit to it and go to bed. :) 
Good night from the west corner.


Amy said...

These bookmarks are beautiful and so special! I popped over to "visit" you to say thank you for the sweet comments on my pom poms & wash cloth bunnies! Thank You!


Jill said...

Brilliant bookmarks! My kids would love to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great weekend!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Julie@teachinggoodeaters said...

Those are really cute. I've made homemade bookmarks, but I've just had my kids draw on them. I really love the patchwork fabric!

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