Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scrap fabric wall mural

I sometimes feel like my sweet little L gets less of me than the other two.  The older sister is needing more help with homework and the younger one is just that young ~ very much still in the twos, that I miss my little L. Also she goes to preschool in order to learn Turkish so that time is gone too. Anyway I have been missing her. I was so happy today when Dave took the two kids grocery shopping and little L wanted to stay home.  We hung out and here are the pics of our time together.

Little Lydia has wanted her bunk bed area to look nice and have pretty pics for some time,
so today I tried something new.

We dumped out my scrap fabric and picked out pieces and colors she liked.
Then we started cutting shapes.

Here she is mixing, spreading the mixture and applying the fabric to the wall. 

For any one interested this is the recipe we used for the paste.
We took 1/4 cup of corn starch and 
1/2 cup cold water mixed it and then
 added 3 cups of boiling water
We applied the mixture on the back of the fabric and then again on the front side after it was on the wall.
There was  a lot left over!!
Now my little Sunshine girl has her own sunshine.  

After we finished her wall she called her Daddy and found out they were on the way home. So she blocked the way to her room and set down and waited for everyone to come back from the grocery trip because she was so excited to show them.  This picture was taking 10 minutes after she had been setting there. ;) What a sweetie she is.

Well I have plenty of paste left and Autty has now asked for her wall to be done. ~ I think it is a great inexpensive way to decorate and so easy for my kids to do too.

all for now,

ps. this peals off very easy all you need is some soap and water to wipe down the wall after you peal off the fabric.  Also dark fabric seems to look not as crisp and it seems shows the cornstarch residue a bit a think. 

I linked up this project with Finger prints on the fridge over @ Feature Yourself Friday ideas.


Anonymous said...

Alana and I love your mural, L!!! What a great idea:) love you!

Aunt Sissy

nightowl_72 said...

Looks super cute. Just wondering... how do you get this off?

Kelly Smith said...

Soooo cool & pretty!!! I'm not sure Reggie will love the idea but I do:). It must be a girl thing!

Creatively Content said...

Just a follow up for you is just as simple to take off as put on. After it is applies it hardens and then when you are ready you peal it off with ease and then wash down the wall with soap and water!!!
Thanks for checking out the blog..let me know if you give it a go.

nightowl_72 said...

Really? Well that just makes it even better!! Thanks Becky

Amy said...

The sun(shine), flowers & birdie are so cheerful! What a great idea!


Emily said...

So creative i might have to try it!

Anonymous said...

Such a creative idea!!! My girls would love this too!


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