Monday, February 28, 2011

home but always a stranger

Turkey is my home. I have lived here 6 years.  My kids attend the neighborhood schools.  I am a part of this community.  I love my home and the food.  My neighbor and I are both stay at home moms raising our kids and giving it our best.  However no matter where I go no matter how well I speak the language (which is lacking anyway) I will always be the foreinger.  My accent will give me away, my cultural blunders, my three blond haired kids and tall blond husband, my english, the way I parent my children, my love for Jesus and on and on.

A few nights ago we went out to the little mall/shopping place in our town and ate in the food court for dinner. There is a little play zone where we can pay 7.50 lira ($5.00) and all the kids can play in this area with a slide and balls etc for 1 hour.  It is especially great for our little guy who needs a place to release energy. Anyway as usual we were stared at, approached by curious onlookers who were courageous enough to ask where we were from, talked with someone practicing their English, heard quiet whispers about the yabanci (foreginers) in hushed tones and I noticed it didn't faze me so much this time maybe I am starting to be comfortable in my own skin here and that is a wonderful feeling.  I wonder what I will do when I don't get so much attention. ;)

Note to self:
This world is not my home   ~you will always be a foreigner and this life is temporary. ~Jesus you are my example of living in a place that was not your home. I follow hard after you..


Our little foreigners look pretty typical to me.  :)
Ice cream eating machines! he he

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