Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homemade fairies

Transforming Polly Pockets ..into FAIRIES :)  And with the help of a blog called http://www.filthwizardry.com/ we made them their own little dwellings too. (by the way filth wizardry is my blogging/crafting hero, her projects are amazing) The dwellings are from fabric softener containers.  The fairies not only had their own homes but built in air fresheners, I couldn't get they fabric softener smell out for the life of me. :)

Blogging the oldies #4 :
These little wings are pretty simple just used cardboard or card stock and decorated them
 then we used pipe cleaners to attach wings to the arms.  

They lasted long enough to get some fun hours in and then the polly's
wings were taken and they went from being fairies to ordinary polly's again. :)

I may take a break from this series (blogging the oldies) for a bit and move on to some of the
 new things we have been up too. :)   All for now. ~ Off I go to miraculousness clean house and make dinner in a single bound. 

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