Monday, February 21, 2011

food portraits of my followers

Does any of these resemble you?
Hey Dave is that you on the end?  (he he)
I wanted to have a little chat with all of you who are following this fun blog or recieving e-mail updates. Thank you for following!  I am going to be upgrading my blog.  I feel like I have found my "jive" so to speak and will begin blogging twice a week. So my "new" look should be sometime next week. 

My theme is 'use what you have' so my diy projects, crafts and such will be inexpensive and hopefully help inspire creativity and less spending for you and keep me accountable to do the same. ;)

Plus I am hoping to do Give Aways that highlight women in Turkey who are doing their best to make a living here with their own creativity.  I will keep you posted.

Thank you for all who have commented.!! With my upgrade I am hoping to allow for easier comment ability so please comment away and leave your ideas and your blogs they inspire me.

I know for some of you you have joined to stay connected with me and my life, I am hoping to have a tab that allows for more of my personal journaling and moments here that will keep you connected to me. The main blog however will be mostly my family and I creating our brains out. :) It is what God has used to keep me sane here and I have found a sweet contentment in it.;)

 keep journeying with me as I blog these moments here in this little 'ole town

In conclusion: leave a comment ~ play with food.   ;)
and thanks for following. 

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jenny wagoner said...

love, love, love the pictures becks!!

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