Friday, February 25, 2011

How about a few Mrs. Robotos. :)

Blogging the oldies # 5
I have a few more of our older creative moments that I am still wanting to record on and off.  This one was a lot of fun and they were able to do a lot of it by their selves with a little help from Baba (daddy) and me. Plus it really taught the girls that you can use anything to create.

This was last summer A and L helped me to collect this and thats
 into a recycle box on the balcony.
After a week or so they were ready to create.

So out to the balcony we went one sunny summer Saturday..
and they made their own robots.

I can't remember their names now but they were defiantly girls robots!

If you are wondering what we did with them well if you look real hard you can see they joined us as center pieces on our bufe for about a week. 

Part of giving my kids the opportunity to create is to display their art..and so I am certain that that week last summer I had the most creative center pieces in my apartment! (it might have been over a week)


"Better to have little, with the fear of the Lord, than to have great treasure and inner turmoil."Prov. 15!:16


Christy Killoran said...

I love the robots! So cute.

Thank you for your comment!

Unknown said...

I love the robots - they are awesome!

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