Monday, February 14, 2011

The 'Welcome Rock'

'Well I used to live in Arkansas years ago and there was a colorful horse statue that stood outside of a store I would often pass. The fun thing about this horse is that it always changed. They would paint it according to the seasons and holidays. It was a fun splash of color in my day when it had changed for the season or up coming holiday.  So yes I too have wanted  my own version of a horse statue.

Well we live in apartment so large horse staute outside- maybe not and secondly I have no idea where I would find a fun big statue of anything that I could bring home.  One of my mottos of late is 'use what you have'.  So for now the large rock I found will have to do. (it's the simple things;))

First painting: Valentines day:

The beginning of a long awaited dream. ;)

Kids absolutely loved this idea. By the way this is not the first time we have painted rocks. 
We made some door stoppers last summer. 
The 'Welcome Rock'
We will color it again when Spring comes ~ probably for Easter and on it on it will go if I remember it.
Maybe I should put it in a place I stub my toe on it once in a while. ;)

Happy Valentines Day!!

~all for now.  Enjoy the day and paint a rock. (lol)

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