Friday, February 4, 2011

homemade jellyfish by Autumn

Pop bottle jellyfish. ~My daughter has a craft she wanted to share with you. Enjoy. 

Hi. I'm Autumn (this is my mom's blog) and I wanted to let you guys see this project so that you can make it too.

Here are the pictures of how to do it.
You would need these things. Hole puncher, yarn, googly eyes,
scissors, rubberband, plastic bottle and glue

This is Autumn (me).  We have cut off the bottom part of the bottle
and then we punched holes and put the yarn through the holes. 
Next I glued my googly eyes on.

and here is the Jellyfish.

We put a rubber band at the top and
it made it bounce like a jelly fish. :)

Here are the two jelly fish looking at eachother. :) :)

I hope you do it.  Thanks for lettting me put this on your blog Mommy.


Unknown said...

Dear Autumn,

Hi. It's Andrew and Daniel. I love your jelly fish. Thanks for sending me this. It looks cool. Bye,

Love, Andrew and Daniel

Creatively Content said...

thank you for looking at Andrew and Daniel. from Autumn. :) xo xo

Vicky said...


This was a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. You are very creative:)

Love, Aunt Sissy

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