Monday, January 31, 2011

Turkish Breakfast ~

Turkish Breakfast.  I have posted two different series of pics can you find the theme? :)

Every Saturday morning we have a family breakfast together, which includes a leisurely Turkish breakfast we eat at around 10:00 am.  Then we usually do something fun, play a game or go somewhere and if we stay home kids are allowed to stay in pj's until noon. (that was my idea and lots of times I am right along with them.) he he

So the picture below is a typical Turkish breakfast minus the boiled egg.  David goes to the bread store in the morning and comes back with something hot straight out of the oven either simit (which is pictured below) or a poacha.

 I love Turkish breakfast and look forward to Saturday mornings to drink tea, eat fresh food and enjoy my family. In Turkey, breakfast is a leisurlly time and no one is in a hurry and the tea brews and you sit and enjoy each other.

Turkish black tea, green and black olives, sheep cheese, feta cheese, cucs and tomatoes.
 Plus a warm simit.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BOREK :  The following is a series of pictures about a pastry item here called Borek.
It is also a breakfast item or for tea.  However, if you eat Borek black Turkish tea is a requirement. :)

For borek you baste the yufka with olive oil, egg and milk and then stuff it.
I always do feta cheese and parsley. It is our favorite and we eat it for Breakfast and dinner. :)

It is a very thin and so the Borek is flaky. It is made with yufka. 

There is so many ways to make Borek.  It comes in all different shapes and sizes.
Some with cheese, some with meat and some with potatoes. :)

~Yes the theme here is tea and feta cheese with some kind of warm pastry. 

I would like to have the above pic for lunch today but I have no yufka. :)


allsocute said...

Becky, I`m so happy that you dropped by to my blog and also I`m so happy that you like my dolls and pictures :) What a creative family you have :) Your children are amazing and gorgeous. Wish we were living in the same neighborhood, we would have done so many creative things together :) I`m happy to meet you :)

Creatively Content said...

Thank you All So Cute. :) It is fun to see Turkish women using their creative gifts. Aferin Sana ;)

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