Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun diy owl mural

I love having my kitchen full of the kids projects and drawings. I call it our art gallery.  Any way I had a bunch of tp rolls I had been collecting and then I saw this entry at Frugal family fun on owls made from tp rolls.

After the girls made the owls they so needed a home and since the kitchen was a little bare from taking down our cardboard Christmas tree, we were ready for something else.
Here is the little brother tp roll owl

and here are the two sisters. :) 

Autumn basically drew most of the tree..
I couldn't seem to get it right so Autumn and David helped me out. 

So here are our owls in there right habitat. :)
The flowers are just sticky notes and so are the leaves (they were the heart kind)
and the stems are green contact paper we had left over.
This little project cost me 2.17 lira (maybe a dollar 25)

That night for dinner we learned a lot about owls and the girls learned the word nocturnal. ;)

In our little west corner,


Karen Hanim said...

I love this! I bet it was great fun to do.

Consuelo said...

I'm doing this same project with my kids. . . it was just so cute and educational as well. I'll have to send my pictures your way!

Creatively Content said...

Consuelo, please do I would love to see what you create from it. :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I love this.

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