Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY cardboard playhouse (shanty)

Blogging the oldies ~

 I am going to dedicate the next series of posts to some old creative moments we have had here in this little ole town.  Mainly lots of pics and lots of fun stuff the kids and I have done together.
First and a favorite of ours:

THE CARDBOARD SHANTY (diy cardboard playhouse)

Yes, just like in my post :  Cooking it up in make believe - (again I found these boxes next to a  Garbage bin down the street with all three kids, and we hauled them home. :) 

Box #1

Box #2

Here is the shanty ready to be inhabitited

Oh look tenants have arrived.

Looks like they have made themselves a home

Yes, these tenants spent much of there time discussing matters of great importance,
and eating crackers.

The shelf was added simply by using pipe cleaners. I poked holes through the box and then the shanty and had one of the kids hold the 'shelf'  while I poked it through from the shanty to the box and then twisted it tight. I did this twice and it held up great. I chose the side that was the strongest box to put the shelf up.

This shanty was a permanent fixture in our living room for over a month.  Yep Christmas time came and the tenants decorated their home for the holidays. :)  One day I walked in my living room and said "that is it I am ready for my living room back" and so the three little tenants moved on..

All you need is a good box and some supporting pieces of cardboard, some duct tape and you too could have some of your own sweet tenants living in your living room. :)

From my little west corner to your corner,


Karen Hanim said...

Again I have to say, 'How Fun!' How lucky to find such a big box. I've always thought that a box is ripe for a creative mind!
Love the shelf :-)

Creatively Content said...

Thanks Karen for commenting..i agree boxes are great for creativity.

juliefaye said...

You have some really creative ideas, Becky! How fun!

Meg Nuño said...

These are the blogs I am looking for right now. We need a little guidance over here since Jubilee's mother is "cardboard creativity-challenged"...I think part of my hang up is that I despise clutter;)....however, I am going to let her see this one and the dollhouse one again (once school is out) so she can see how other people handle cardboard:)

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