Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quilted pillows

Well I did it.Quilted pillows for my two sweet girlies for Christmas. Lydias pillow was the most challenging.  This is my first real quilted anything.  My sweet friend Consuelo gave me some real cotton batting, it is sooo much nicer than the polyester batting that is found here.  I would love to import some of it.  I learned a lot about sewing and by the 2nd pillow I was able to sew much quicker and make less mistakes. :)
Lydia's pinwheel pillow.
I tried to do triangles on every side but I didn't have a cutter and board
and it was taking forever so i only did two sides.

Ta daa this is the back. I tried applique on this
one. Don't know if I did it right but it looks cute and is well secured. 
I love quilting because even if you make a mistake you can fix it with something fun.
 Nothing professional coming from my house, but lots of fun learning.
From our west corner,

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