Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY cardboard dollhouse

Blogging the oldies #3 ~ Polly Pocket DIYcardboard dollhouse.

These boxes were from Ikea. (there is an Ikea in Istanbul!!) I think they had ceiling lights in them. I saved them for some time and then inspiration hit.  I painted and prepared the doll houses with some wall paint we had from the past and then gave them to the girls and we worked on decorating the outside and the inside together.

We made these houses and furniture in April of 2009 and they have lasted for over a good year and a half and my girls have played with them ALOT.  For Christmas this year we made a wood doll house from scrap wood ~ a more permanent home for their Polly pockets. ;)

Here are the beds. I let the girls pick out the fabric they liked and I sewed it around the sponge to make a cozy bed and then cut out a piece that matched for the blanket.  I wish I would have taken more pics of the furniture pieces. 
                      Here is a video of the finished product and a little tour of the Polly pocket homes.

The furniture is simple - tea boxes, egg carton for lights, match boxes, cut out pictures from magazines etc. The kitchen floor is scrapbook paper cut in squares and then glued in.

I have a few more 'blogging the oldies' about Polly pockets that I want to post.  I really like Polly pockets.  They are small and easy to store, innocent and they are affordable here and they last.  My desire is to keep the 'little' in my little girls and some of the toys out there go against that goal, however I think Pollies work for us.

I looked up different sites online when I was making our doll-houses and so I hope this gives someone else some fun inspiration.~

Ok enough about that~


Janetta said...

My mom made my barbie dolls a tall back half circle chair out of one end of a oat meal container and the other end was a table and she cut four legs in and arched the cut outs between the legs. She covered them in old scrape pieces of fabric she had. She also took cheese boxes to make straight back chairs too.

Creatively Content said...

These are great thoughts Janetta.

Meg Nuño said...

Alright, you officially inspired Jubilee (my 6 year old)...Well, Autumn inspired her:) We made our first Dollhouse on Sunday...which has led us to now look for a bigger and sturdier box to make another one (as apparently she just wanted to "practice" first:) Thank you!!!

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