Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas in the confines..

Christmas this year I missed family deeply.  As we all gathered together in this quaint little town in Turkey where not a soul was aware that we were preparing for all the fun festivities of Christmas. Noone knew or understood what was happening in the confines of our own home~.

I had to leave my apartment at one point during the to run and buy flour at the corner store, which of course was open and not a person to say Merry  Christmas to. I decided to not leave the house the rest of the day it was so anticlamatic.  However the plus side to it all is we recieved a package on Christmas day.  That was fun.

So here we all are..there was 14 of us (8 kiddos) (including the sleeping toddlers)

We are all apart from our families and each one of us missing differnt aspects of Christmas with our families.
I think that is what made us so grateful for being together, it was an extra sweet time.

Autumn and Lydia our sweet girlies.

 Thank you Jesus for helping us celebrate your birth with simplicity and gratefulness this year. 
We love you. ~

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