Friday, January 21, 2011

Pop up window praying

Well as a mom I find that I have conversations through out the day with God, kind of like the pop up window that shows up for comments.  I click on prayer and up pops the box and I comment this and that to the Lord and ask this or that.  It is a constant dialog through out the day of asking for help and saying thank you.  I love this, however recently I was talking with my friends Consuelo and Alyssa and we were talking about how it seems to be harder now to be still and take time to wait on God and to listen to his voice.  I have recently thought about how I am missing out on the deeper more intimate side of my Lord.  I love that He is always with me and that I can abide in him through out the day. It seems that even my quiet times in the mornings I have been practicing pop up window praying.  I think as a mom my mind is constantly moving from one thing to the next from one child to the next, from one prayer point to the next and being alone and holding still is hard for me just like it is for my little Isaac. :) I feel like I need to relearn the art of being still and listening. ~

Be still my soul, be still and listen for your Saviors voice.

~ me over here in the west corner 

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