Sunday, February 16, 2014

My offering

Offering: a gift- something offered in worship or devotion- sacrificial

I find a lot of  peace when the Lord gives me new insight into my current situations. The other day I had a break through in my understanding and here is a peak into it from my journal.

I want to give living without the outdoor freedom for my kids and myself as an offering to the Lord. It may be a small offering to some but to me it is and has been costly.  I have born it only as a hardship to be endured but now I see there is a better way to give it, as an offering of love to my King.

Let me be glad/honoured to give this offering to my King.

Is there a hardship in your life that you have been enduring? Is there a way for you to take that hardship and offer it to the Lord as a gift or love? The Lord knows what it is costing you and I believe it will bring a lighter heart and a greater sense of devotion to the Lord as you give an offering that costs you something. 

In my west corner ~ 
finding peace in offering my hardships to the living God. 


matt&ruth said...

I love this insight that the Lord has given you! It resonates with me so deeply, and I will join you in offering my current hardships as a gift to Him, as a sacrifice of praise. May He bless you so abundantly as you offer Him the gift of your sacrifice.

Arnold Gregs said...

Hi nice reading yoour post

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