Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poems and Puppet Theatre only 2 days away! (HS J& J)

Here is a sneak peak of what will be seen at the 
Poem and Puppet Theatre
(...located down the hall and into the living room) 
in just a few days. 
(what a geek I spelled theatre WRONG...will correct soon)

A few poems that will be performed are:
Today I saw a Little Worm- by: Spike Millgen
Boa Constrictor - by: Shel Silver stein
What are you?- by: unknown

*also there will be a few EXTRAS :).
(that I had to limit as they are more made up and full of fun goofiness)
Autty put together signs for each poem 
and by whom it was written. :)

Practicing alone and then for a sweet little audience of one. :) 

We decided that we needed curtains for the puppet stage 
and since Lydia is in charge of the puppet stage she sewed the little curtains. 

We then ran a thin rope thru the fabric we had sewn over and attached the two ends of the rope to  clothes pin we had clipped on top of the puppet stage. (I can show of pic of this next time)

We have a few last minute details to complete...the monkey puppet was my responsibility along with the sign for the puppet theatre. :)  So I am working on those today. :) Tomorrow will be practice day and putting it all together. It was really fun today to see each of the girls take total responsibility for their parts in this 'production'.  

So only two more days before the 'big' production and I think this rather large cardboard puppet stage will be in our living room until at least then if not a few days after. :)

 Be on the look out for the Poems and Puppet Theatre review next week...there may even be a clip or two. 
Part 1 of Poems and Puppets. The cardboard stage.
Part 2 of Poems and Puppets. Felt puppets.

In my west corner of Turkey ~ 

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