Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A button flower and two stems made out of foam...

Here are the sweet Thank You cards the girls made a few days ago. 

I have been wanting to have the girls make some thank you cards for some thoughtful friends. I saw a delightful blog post the other day of a finger print flower and so I tweaked the idea a bit and we came up with this. (my girls love buttons xo;))

I forgot how fun fingerprint art can be.  My girls came up with a few cute creatures from their own hands. 

Enjoy the finger painting fun.

So simple so sweet.
The girls wrote their own note of thanks inside and hopefully it will be in the mail tomorrow. ;)

These could aslo be a great homemade Mothers Day Cards too.


1 comment:

Ally said...

So cute - I have so many leftover buttons, now I have something to do with them!

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