Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharpies and a shirt

My Little Lydia woke up two mornings ago and asked if she could color on her undershirt (that she was wearing as pjs) with permenatnt marker.  I told her maybe when she got home from school we could talk about it. Well when she got home from school she was talking about it. :)
I figure no harm in letting her be a fashion designer on an old under shirt with some supervision so away she went and then of course the older sister went and found something in the pj drawer and away she went designing away.

Colorful sharpies can't be found here however someone gave me this great colorful pack of sharpies!!! I love them. ( However I have found colorful permanant markers here at most of the kirtasiyes for any of you Turkey dwellers wanting to let their kids scribble some art on their clothing.
Like on this post :))

   I figure in time to the color will fade but I think that will matter very little to this happy little girl. I believe if you iron the marker after about 12 hours it keeps the color longer (fyi). Sometimes it is easier to say 'no' when my kids come and ask something of me, like coloring all over their shirt :). I really am trying to make a habit of thinking about their request before being so quick to say no. Really I think my yes's should be more than my no's. As a mommy if you can relate to me in this hit helpful in the reactions. :) So say yes and scribble away on a shirt today. lol (I am such a geek)

Much care to each of you.  Thank you for dropping by my little west corner ~becky


KendasCrafts said...

Neat idea! your daughter looks very pleased with her work!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment!! I appreciate it and came on over to follow you- love the blog and you should check out my Made by Little Hands linky party! I would love if you linked up some of your ideas!

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