Saturday, May 28, 2011

Silly Snack Saturday Extravaganza ~ Watermelon House

Welcome, today is the last Saturday in May and so the last of our Silly Snack Saturdays posts.  This week we have a special edition..for us it will be a go down in playing with food fun history edition. :)

Thank you all for following these silly fun inexpensive posts we have done this month.  I would love to know if you all liked these post and would like to see more in the future. Just drop a comment or hit a reaction button if you are hungry to see more of our food creations. :)

Unto the watermelon...We bought a watermelon for Sanck the other day and decided to clean out the inside , invert it and design away. Enjoy your Saturday..and eat some watermelon. ;)

This fabulous house comes with a tea gind and banana peal walkway a custon roof made out of toothpicks, strawberries and marshmellows.
The garden is full of marshmellow flowers and it comes complets with a tea bag shade already on the window.  ~made by little hands 

What is this you may ask...I have no idea. :) A fruit garden possibly. :) :)
Banana peals, wet tea grinds and a watermelon rind help to create this piece of modern food art.
~made by a differnt pair of little hands. :)

Well there you have it our Silly Snack extravagana.

Hope it gave you a smile and inspired creativity in some crazy way. :)
See you on Monday.

(*remember click or comment if you would like to see more of these creations in the future.  It is good to hear from you to know your interests.;)) If you like what you see and are not already following, come on along and join us. We would love to have you.


Dave Ferguson said...

I enjoyed reading all about Silly snack Saturday's. Keep up the good work!

Jill said...

Love this silly snack - and so did my girls who are looking with me today!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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