Monday, July 11, 2011

Homemade Knock Knock thank you card

***KEEP YOUR EYES OUT THIS WEEK FOR THE GIVEAWAY. I can't wait to share with you the pics of what you can win. Each item is made from someone I know here in Turkey. 

Autty made this knock Knock joke card for some of our friends back in the States who sent us a package.  Her and her sister are very much into knock knock jokes these days and truth is they have had me laughing so hard I have almost cried.  Most of it can be pure nonsense but there are a few keepers. Nomatter for some reason their ridiculous knock knock jokes; that can last a 2 full minutes, have me in tears laughing so hard. Laughter is such a wonderful thing.

Here is another homemade card she did. 

Today while I was watching my children, I had a longing to be a child again.  That sweetness and excitment over the littlest things.  Watching them as they peer in a window of a small little store and the owner comes out with a piece of candy for care free and delighted.
Maybe I just wanted the free candy ;) , however I was reminded how quickly childhood is gone. It is such a tender loving gift from our heavenly Father.  I so desire my children to enjoy childhood to the fullest and for me to enjoy this season of having three little ones.   

Enjoy the cards.  Good night from my far west corner to each of your little corners.   ~Becky

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