Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's be real.

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Words I am thinking about: judging (being judged and judging others) being real, grace, performance, expectations, lies, truth, understanding, glimpses, joy. :)

Which leads me to blogs. Blogs you say?
(Just a glimpse)
Yep ~ oh the profound things that move around in my head. :)  I think Blogs and the whole blogosphere is an amazing tool where we get to share and see glimpses into people’s lives. We see snapshots of others, their gifting, abilities and/or struggles.  However the truth is, that is all we do see, we see glimpses and parts.  The beautiful pictures of my kids smiling and crafting away, are all very true and very real but there are no pictures of the crying kids or the impatient mommy or the ubsurdly unhealthy snack that I served.  I am a mommy who knows what it is to make mistakes to put ridiculous things (like sewing or a bad attitude) ahead of the needs of my kids at times.  I am not the woman that has it all together nor do I EVER want to be displayed as one. I desire to be real about who I am and I want to be quick to share grace with others because I too know what it is to make mistakes. 

So in sharing this I will tell you a story, a story that maybe as a mom and women you too can relate to. Read on if you have an extra minute. :)

I Lied to my 5 year old:
Bedtime had finally come and that is just how it felt 'FINALLY'.  It had been 2 no 3 or wait maybe 4 days with hardly any sleep.  Two of my kids were sick and we had had three major hosting events and our closest and only other english speaking friends had just left for 3 months. I was so tired, I could barely think.  From the other room I hear my two girls arguing about something.  I went to their room (with a little bit of 'this better be good or else' attitude), my older daughter was getting into her top bunk and my middle one was getting into her lower bunk and they were yelling about how they couldn’t feel the fan on them and the other one could.  It has been very hot and the fan no longer osolates.  I decided to turn off the fan and wait until they both had self control so we could find a happy medium.  One child grabbed an attitude and the other started to cry uncontrollably (ugh) so I looked at the daughter crying and said, harshly“I don’t have the patience for this, so I want you to stop crying.”  I then proceeded to work out the fan issue and made them both happy.

As I left their room, my daughter who had been crying said to me “mommy, I was crying because when the fan is on it helps me not to be scared and I thought you were going to keep the fan off.” (this daughter had a bad dream a few nights ago and it had really been bothering her even during the day). As I left I thought about my statement to my daughter “ I don’t have the patience for this right now.”  What was I really saying, I don't have the pateince for her is how she translated it I am sure. Basically I lied to her and to myself.  God has given me EVERYTHING I need to be the mom of these three kiddos and when I have lost all strength and energy that is where He takes over and gives me what I need.  TRUTH is "I have the patience for this right now, but am I willing to walk in it." The next day I took my daughter aside and asked her to forgive me for lying to her and not asking God to help me when I needed extra patience that night. I don’t want my girls to believe lies. Lies that say "I just can't do it.  "I don't have the patience for this."  "I can't handle this anymore."  Those kind of thoughts and words will keep them (and me) from walking out the truth that God can help them (and me) in every and all situations and circumstances.  

Maybe you can relate to this story and maybe not but I wanted to remind you all as you surf through the blogosphere or encounter people throughout your day we are all very real with real issues and struggles.  It is such a  breath of fresh air to bump into a grace giver someone who doesn’t judge your disobedient, badly dressed kid etc. but sends you a smile of grace instead of a look of distaste.
"I pray that from his glorious, UNLIMITED resources (like patience) he will empower you (me) with inner strength through his Spirit.” Eph. 3:16

I am not alone on this journey of being a mom and a woman, my creator is by my side.
In my west corner ~Becky 

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matt&ruth said...

Love this. Love your perspective. Love this TRUTH. Thank you for sharing.

Pam said...

Well, I can certainly relate! Thanks for sharing your story with us. I love it when people are real.

Deahna said...

Okay, this is just perfect timing. I LOVE reading your blog so much. It's real, it's cool to read, but most of all you love the Lord and it shows. I needed this one tonight. Thank you for sharing a part of your life in the blog world. You were an encouragement to me tonight since my day with my girls and husband was a tough one. I'm so GLAD God gives us a new day each day.

Creatively Content said...

Deahna, Thanks for the encouragment for my blog and for this post. Sometimes when you are vulnerable you don't know how it will be recieved. :) Much care to you and make sure you sign up for the giveaway!! ~ much much care to you fellow mommy.~becky

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

I'm so grateful that you linked up in this week's Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :) You know, you're not alone in these real life experiences. Just remember that these are just temporary and it'll get better soon.

Hugs, SJ

Dave Ferguson said...

Great topic, keep up the good work!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I LOVE this. I love being REAL... it is so important to me, but I think sometimes it's hard to be.

I think it's great that you hold so much value in honesty when dealing with your children.

Thank you for sharing this!

lauren said...

catching up on your blog becky!

good so true. i have said that when i am at the end of my rope, but i had not thought about how that affects how they see God and what He has promised to provide for us. thank you for sharing.

Creatively Content said...

Lauren, I miss you too and would love to sit and have tea with you. I KNOW I would benefit so much from hanging out with you.

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