Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look what I scored.. red and white polka dot

 The reddest polka-dot-est largest cardboard boxes ever.  :) 
You should have seen me carrying these babies up 5 flights of stairs because they were to tall to fit in the elevator.  Commitment!

So the kids went:



 and Camping
 In our large red polka dot boxes...

and that's not all.  

Cardboard love series #5 will continue: 
Stay tuned to see a red and white polka dot neighborhood come to life in our own living room. 

Yes I am crazy and especially crazy about cardboard and then you add red and white polka dots and well absolutely crazy!

In our west corner ~ being crazy,

So what would you have done if you saw these boxes? :)


Veronica and Daniel said...

This looks so fun! Boxes were always the best for the imagination! What a fun mom you are :) And red and white polka dot is my favorite! I used to have rain boots that were red and white polka dot, they were my favorite, I would sometimes wear them even when it was not raining :)

Katy Willardson said...

This is awesome! I love everything polka dot!

Creatively Content said...

V and D~ I would LOVE red and white polka dot rain boots!!

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