Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anticipating growth (on our balcony)

Using the space we have to enjoy spring and the miracle of growth.
 Last year was such a success with our Balcony Herb Garden,(check it out here it is fun) we all wanted to get our hands dirty again. We started this year with some flowers. Autty made a chart on her own to check the days off and record how long before we see growth. Autty held her nose to the dirt twice and said it smells so good. :) 

We do not have a big yard or a little yard but we do have a balcony and access to dirt and seeds and containers. For me living a creative life means using what we have. Cultivating a love of something doesn't mean you have to have lots of it, it just means you live it, with a little or with a lot. Even a 'little bit' of dirt can produce amazing growth and wonderful anticipation in the one who planted and is waiting for the seed to sprout.

Just feel like saying what my mom ALWAYS used to say: "Little is much when God is in it."

Shovel up some dirt, grab a bucket and sow a seed!
In our little west corner using what we have... and this week it is our balcony,

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