Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Bike Cake

Happy Birthday Lydia. :) 



The Bike owner

The Friends

The Party

The tired mom saying good night with a sigh of relief and joy.

I feel so privileged this year to have been able to buy our little girl the perfect princess bike for her and to have had the time to make a cake that she loved.

Thank you Lord for your constant gifts and tender care. ~ Thank you for helping me to know my kids and giving me the wisdom I need to be their mommy. ~ Also thank you for the privilege of being able to speak Turkish so I can be the mommy my kids need in this culture. ~

In our west corner, heading to bed ~ Becky


Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Lydia! What a fantastic cake, present and party! You're a wonderful mother Becky! Enjoy a well deserved rest now!

Mel said...

Hey Becky - I would love to "pick your brain" as to how you learned the Turkish language. What worked well for you? How long did it take you to feel really comfortable with the language? etc...I am doing okay with it...but really struggle with the balance b/w "student" and "mommy" right now. Love to hear your thoughts...

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