Friday, March 8, 2013

Surprised them...with coloured pancakes.

If you want to surprise your little ones and hear oohhs and aahhs, 
add food coloring to your pancake mix.

Family breakfast this Saturday was rather colourful. :) Enjoy the pics and inspiration. 

My favourite part was when my little guy came in the kitchen and saw that the pancakes were different colours, he went running to find his sisters yelling excitingly "the pancakes are coloured, 
come on come look what mom did. " :) 
YES, Super mom for the moment. 

Oh and P.S. The coloured pancakes defiantly taste better don't ya know. :)

Have a wonderful weekend and mix it up with something simple.

In my west corner using what I have...this time it was food colouring and pancakes.


Jill said...

Great looking pancakes Becky! I can see why there were a hit! Amazing what a difference a little colour can make! Super mum you indeed!

Betsy de Cruz said...

This would be right up my daughter's alley! And she's 13!

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