Thursday, March 7, 2013

Keeping my body moving

This stationary bike has been a life saver for me this winter. 
In the winter here there is coal heat, so going outside in the morning (when I usually walk) feels like inhaling packets of cigarettes. So this bike has been a wonderful addition to my life. :)

At 8:30 my two youngest are out the door to school, after my last farewell from the window waving them off I head to this bike. First it was 10 minutes now it is 20, soon it will be 30.  
Then I jump off and scurry to be ready at 9:15 when Autty and I start homeschool.

Taking time to stay healthy and keep my body moving as a mom is something I feel passionate about. Exercise is much more than a fit body to me, it releases stress, stabilises my hormones, emotions and keeps my mind clear. As a mom exercise can be one of the first things to go because so many other important things push out time for caring for me. There have been seasons (usually during the winter) where I have quit exercising and then start up again in the spring. The thing is I don't grudge a small beginnings anymore. I have learned over time that getting out there, even if I only have 10 or 15 minutes, is worth it and helps me build a lifestyle of caring for myself. 

Today I didn't want to visit my bike but I did and I do because I need it. 
As I take care of myself, I am taking care of my family. This is something I feel like I need to remind myself of often.

How about you how do you take care of yourself with all the busyness and demands in your life?  How do you get time in for exercise?  If don't have a routine do you have a plan, if so what is it?

Would love to hear from you all...

In my west corner ~using my little bike to keep my heart rate up,

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