Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My lived in home...the messes about.

Last year I signed up to take a photo class call the SLICE of LIFE unfortunately I had to cancel and so over a year later I am taking Darrah Parkers class called Lens Mama. 

Day 2 of the Class:
Focusing on the mess.  There are times that the messes in my house the cleaning and re-cleaning can really get to me and then there are times where I enjoy a lived in home. A home where my kids can make messes and I am not hounding them to clean up all the time, a home where legos can be left out for days as they work out heir building skills. There are those days where the messes can send immediate stress signals through my body...but today I take these pics and enjoy a life being lived knowing that it will all get cleaned up eventually.

My bedroom. :) 

A bit of a mess I would say. Marker all over the leg. :)

Day number 5 of legos in the living room. 
Drying my sons sheet on our front room chair. 

Laundry on the Balcony. 
Laundry to me is comforting. However those folded clothes have been there
for 2 days now and the laundry is dry...very dry. 

to all you Mamas out there enjoying a very lived in home, I hope you enjoy these pics and they 
bring some sort of comfort that homes are meant to be lived in and you can relax in it a bit more. :)

In my west corner,

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