Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cardboard Super Hero House

Ok so I have a TON to blog about ....but instead of bloggin about all that 'ton', I just had to share this one little pic.  I have been working on a cardboard Super Hero House for my amazing energetic son who is tired of playing doll house with his sisters, and I just have one pic to show. :)  I am so excited about this!

I am not quite finished still working on the top, paint is still drying here and there and a few more details on the inside, but it is coming along.

The funnest part is that jail. The door opens and shuts with a real place to lock away bad guys caught by super heros! Justice will be served with this Super Hero House.  I promise...or rather almost promise to give a pic tour when I am done. Off I go to parent my future hero. ;)

I will be back soon. :) Maybe even tomorrow. 
Using what I have and today it was a cardboard box and some paint. 
In my little west corner,

PS. Several years ago I made these cardboard Doll Houses for my girlies. I think they have lasted 4 years! Crazy amazing cardboard. 

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