Friday, September 20, 2013

Out our back window.

Here's a little Turkish culture for you:

Summer is the season for weddings and circumcision parties here in Turkey.  :) This summer for several weekends in a row we had celebrations around our neighborhood.  It is typical to have these celebrations outside and the music and dancing is allowed until midnight. (They do have receptions and parties in weddings halls as well but the cheaper route is not reserving a hall and having it open air.)

This particular night it was in our apartment's parking lot directly in our back yard!
I took this video out my sons bedroom window. 

It was very loud!  As I write this post I hear traditional Turkish music off in the distance where yet another end of the summer wedding is being celebrated outside, and the hoots and howlers of the dancers are heard. However off in the distance is MUCH more tolerable than directly out your back window. I am guessing this will be one of the last ones we will hear as the summer has come to an end here.

Good night from our little west corner,

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