Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homeschool journal & journey #1 ~ Taking things too personal.

2013/2014 School year has been in the workings for over a month now and this year I have 
two girlies home and one little guy off in kindergarten for the mornings. I will be continuing my Homeschool journal and journey posts this year as well. 

Ok so the truth is I am their mom. Yep and that comes into the learning experience. I am an emotional mom at times, they are emotional girls at times and that too comes into the homeschool experience.  Last year I think I took things too personal and truthfully had my feelings hurt more times than I can count by my 8 year old. :) This year my perspective has changed and I feel like I am able to see clearer. I realise that my 7 year old and almost 10 year old are not struggling with 'me' it is the subject or the learning style or there own immaturity. I feel like we have made greater strides at the beginning of this year just by me growing in that one area. My desire this year is to be a better student of my children to understand them more; how they learn, think and what they thrive in, what they are afraid of and why. Examples like what are there preferred learning styles, what are their individual love languages, what are the gifts God has given them, what are their personality tendencies and yes even what is their favourite color this month. I want to 'get' my kids so that I can love them more and teach them well.
~ ~ ~
In just over a week we will be traveling to the States to visit my mom. This summer my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. It was such a shock to my family and me.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to visit my family and be a part of my mom's journey that she is traveling right now.  I am looking forward to being around my mom, sisters and their families. I really hope I am able to be a help and support in some way. I am also a little nervous, I know my mom has changed so much.

We will be homeschooling while we are there so we she see how that goes. :) I am pretty eclectic in my style so I think we will adjust ok. ;)

In my west corner... journeying,

Here are my posts from last years Homeschool journal and journey: Homeschool J & J page
Also here is a post from Mother's day a few years back I dedicated to my mom.
She is a women to be admired

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Sue said...

Hi Becky,
I'm so glad the school year is off to a good start and I loved the leaf people, too. Your kids are so blessed to have such a great teacher :)
Love you,

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