Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cardboard Super hero house tour :)

Well as I shared a bit ago..(here).. that I made this super hero cardboard house for my little guy. 
I semi- promised I would show you more of it, so here it is. 

The fun features are the trap door at the top and the workable jail.
I made the jail with a tea box. Also it has a secret passage on the side. :)
The beds are made out of cork board hot glued together and painted and the mattresses from foam and I sewed the bedding. The table is a lid and spool of thread. I have yet to make a few chairs for the 
super heros to rest their weary heroic bones. 

Here is the tea box and a pic to show you how I attached it.

Truth is Isaac loves that I made this for him but it is not on his list of favourite toys. It gets played with on and off. I think it would help if I made a few more pieces of furniture. However it was ALOT of fun to make and he often calls it 'special'. I love my little fellow and all the boyishness that he brings to our home!

Hope this is inspiring to someone. :) Here is the girls carboard dollhouses from years ago, (we still have one in good shape after 4 years!!) and another homemade toy from cardboard that I made for Isaac a few years ago can be found HERE.

In my west corner, Good night.

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