Friday, December 12, 2014

M & M - Piñata cake

This Pinata cake is a year old. :) Well actually the cake has been eaten this pic is a year old. ;)
Hopefully it is inspiring... it was so fun to watch everyone ooh and aah as the candy started spilling out. 

As of two weeks ago my daughter just turned 11 and there is a new cake for that. :) 
However last year's b-day was an important one as the DOUBLE DIGITS hit our family! 

This cake was as fun as it looks and easier than it looks to make! Autty was so surprised when we cut into it and it exploded or rather spilled out with fun M & M treats from with in. 

We were able to celebrate at my mom's house for Autty's b-day. 
I am sad that I have no pictures of my mom and Autty together.

Of course I found most my inspiration on Pinterest for this cake. :) Here is a link to my Food Board that has the Tutorial I used. :)

As many of you know our tradition for Birthdays is that the kids get to ask for the shape they want for their cake and as long as it is in reason I try my best. I will be posting Autty's 11th Birthday cake and party tomorrow. I am confident that Autty's friend Malachi will like this next one.....

In my west corner, 

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