Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Car pillow out of cloth napkins

I have been slowing trying to make my little guys room a place fit for a boy.  I made this car mobile a bit ago and have wanted to make him a pillow for his bed. I made quilted pillows for the girls for Christmas see here and here.  Truth is it is easy to come up with girly things so I am determined not to leave my little guy out of my creativity.

I didn't have to buy anything new for this just 'used what I had' and what I had were these two cloth napkins that I had bought in the States for like $1.50 for both over 2 years.  While I was looking through my fabric I came upon them and tada a perfect size and color for a  pillow and they are already hemmed and ready to be sewn together.

I made a little template for a car and designed two little cars for the pillow that would match the mobile  I made.
I bought a roll of this stuff that makes material stick when ironed on..and so I used that for both the cars and then hand sewed around them.  Hand sewing can be theraputic I think so I didn’t mind.

However I tend to create along the way when I sew so I also did a little patchwork to cheer it up and make it more colorful. 

I ironed down the sides, cut to size and then pinned it on and sewed it on with my machine.

I wanted to not just stuff the pillow but have a lining pillow case for the pillow because truth is my little guy sweats like it is 100 degrees in his room everyday.  So I took some thin cheap material I had and made a quick pillow case. This would be easy to if you had an old pillow case just cut to size and then sew the open part together – again not as much sewing an measering for us new sewers. J
I then inserted my pillow lining into the car pillow case and then stuffed it.  I then sewed the lining pillow case together and then the car pillow case. I did leave an opening though and plan on sewing on two small ties to close it up. (because I still don’t know how to do buttons on my sewing machine ;))

Here is my little guy ~ he pointed and said “car, car- two cars!” I love giving my kids the creations I made especially for them.

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Amanda said...

What a cute pillow, thanks for sharing!

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