Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silly Sanck Saturday ~Bear with a bow

Hello all!  We had pancakes one morning and didn't have time to finsh up the batter, so here is our creation we made with the extra batter later that day.

Bear with a Bow

The girls couldn't decide if it was a bear or a cat! What do you all think? ;)
Of course we needed to make it a girl so we gave it a bow. When my little Buba love gets a little older he will have more to say about all this girly stuff. :)

Enjoy your weekend and see you all on Monday.
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If you have any Silly food I would love to see.

Our ingrediants for Bear with a bow:
Pancake batter
Melon for the bow
Apples for the smile and nose
Banana and raisins for the eyes


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

thanks so much! your snack ideas are great--i love edible art. keep 'em coming! :-)

Creatively Content said...

Michelle, I agree ebible art is lots of fun especially for my kiddos. They seem to appreciate my 'artistic creations' anyway. ;)

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