Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Mailbox ~a guest post at Thrive

My sweet blogging friend Nike from Choose to Thrive asked me to share a Thanksgiving craft or idea ... so what do you think I used??

Cardboard and tp tubes! Come and take a look at our made from magazine envelopes and cardboard mailbox. This will be the beginning of my Cardboard love Series. Come on over and see some cardboard love. Click HERE for a fun out of the box Thanksgiving idea. ;)

UPDATE: Here is us on Thanksgiving day opening our mail!

I would say that Nike's blog is by far one of my favorite blogs, she is truly ingenious and makes the most beautiful things without spending a dime. She has a way of making you laugh with her fun posts and her ideas always make me eager to see her next post. Also she has six kids and has great ideas on how to save money as a family. She is determined to thrive and make the most out of life despite good or bad circumstances.  Please take a minute to browse her blog she has featured me twice and I so appreciate her true interest in me and my crazy fun life over here. Here are a few of my favorites on her blog. She doesn't know I am featuring a few of her projects but I so want to return the love.: :)

Wheat Wreath...
she went gleaning for this wheat. :)

This is such a fun post!

made from diaper boxes. 

Also welcome to all you Thrive guests visiting. So happy to have you. :)
Keep your eyes open over the next week or two I as I post a lots of ideas for uses with cardboard. I am really looking forward to this new series. 
From my west corner ~ Becky


Betsy de Cruz said...

Hey I love your thanksgiving mailbox! We always do a tree with decorated leaves, but I like the idea of something people can do the weeks leading up to thanksgiving.

Creatively Content said...

Olive tree, thank you. You know it has been a real treat really. The girls are going around putting little notes about anything in there and several notes to God. I personally think I am going to just spontaneously putting in things I am grateful for too. It has been fun different idea that has promoted spontaneous thanksgiving. :)

Consuelo said...

Funny thing. . . we just made mailboxes this week as well. They aren't as pretty as yours and we are using them differently but I love the idea leading up to Thanksgiving! Well done!

Creatively Content said...

Consuelo, that is funny that you made mailboxes. I am curious. :) Thanks for the comment!!!

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