Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An itty bitty DIY ~coasters

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Sometimes its the simple and super easy things in life that make you smile. Here is a before and after of our bedroom coasters that my husband and I use on our nightstands or dresser.

Scrap book paper and modge podge...



There you have it.  :) Why am I sharing you my ask, because I like to share the things that make me smile, maybe they will make you smile. 
Plus even simple creativity may inspire you too.:)

Also my husbands parents are visiting us here in our west corner of Turkey for the first time. 
They are on day 4 or 14.  Talk about a lot of book reading and game playing going on in our house. Grandparents are such a gift. :) This kids keep asking if we will leave so Grandpa and Grandma can babysit, this is a great problem. :)


In my west corner,

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea I have lots of coasters I no longer like, now I can revamp them! Thanks for the post x

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