Friday, March 23, 2012

Toting a cardboard COFFEE shop

Get your donuts, coffee...

We saw this really fun post last year and my oldest daughter wanted to make something simliar for her sister (at Christmas, yes I back posting. :)).
Sock donuts
Sponge cake 
and cardboard coffee cups make for quite the fun play at:

Lydia's COFFEE. 
This new coffee shop on the go is quite lucrative, especially with a Baba who likes donuts and coffee, plus Lydia discovered that several of our stuffed animals here are coffee lovers as well. Who knew?
Lydia's COFFEE includes: 2 sponge cakes, 2 sock donuts (picture tutorial below), 2 cardboard coffee mugs and 2 cardboard plates, with a cardboard cookie thrown in for extra fun.

We hot glued some cardboard pieces to each side of a cereal/oatmeal box for the Carrying Coffee shop.
We then used ribbon so the little Carrying Coffee Shop could be toted around Lydia's neck.

Unfortunately I didn't get the best picture of the handles on the side and the ribbon around her neck, but I think you can see just enough on the above pic to get the idea. 

The aerial view. ;)

Simply snip toe, roll and decorate. 
Again here is the link for some more close ups of the original sock donut and the link for the sponge cake.

So my thoughts for you are go find some cheap socks and have a donut.
Of course don't forget to throw in some cardboard it makes all pretend play so much the funner. 

Using what we have over here...
In my west corner and smiling. :)


Jill said...

Sock donuts! That is just too cool!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Unknown said...

Your photos are gorgeous and I love your cardboard mugs. It looks so fun.

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