Friday, November 23, 2012

My very own DIY advent Calendar (finally)

So for years now I have wanted a Nativity advent calendar and have tossed around differnt ideas. My dear friend made one last year and she inspired me with all those sweet homemade pieces made with love and care.  I always seem to think of putting together an advent calender in December and so end up with DIY Christmas countdowns like here and here, that are two or three days behind.  

While in the States I found this 10 piece nativity felt set at wonderful Hobby Lobby (oh that store is amazing).  So I am inspired... I am 10 pieces ahead and now only need to make fifteen more pieces. For the next week I will be taking all my extra moments and creating a felt master piece. (it's all in the eye of the beholder, right? ;)) 

This pic was from yesterday.  I have already done a bunch since this...sewed up the sheep, made a camel, a Shepard and found a piece of fabric in my stash to make pockets for the pieces. 

My goal is to have at least the pieces for the first few days of December and the display
 ready by December 1st.  

Right now I have enough ideas for 23 pieces...only two more to think up. (I can always add extra stars)

Well that is it. I will be posting pics of my progress along the way, 
it will help encourage me if nobody else. :)

We are celebrating Thanksgiving on this fun, festive Saturday so off I go to bake a carrot soufflé, make a cranberry-apple crisp and a salad..oh and get breakfast for my kiddos. :)

In my little west corner..using the felt stash I have. 

Here is a LINK to my Stage 2 update on this advent calendar.


Betsy de Cruz said...

What a wonderful advent calendar. Hope you'll enjoy your project for years to come. I'm off now to clear away Thanksgiving/Fall decorations and make room for advent things...

Nike said...

I LOVE, love your advent calendar! My mom had one similar to this for our family that I treasured. We're making one for our family, too, this year so I was so excited to see yours. Wishing you and your sweat family a wonderful Christmas season!

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