Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sneak peak into my girls room

Stencilled cork board for bunk bed. 
Vintage dishtowels sewn together make a great curtain on the bottom bunk. 
Bought those dish towels in the states this year for $2.00 because I liked them so much, now I get to see them often. 
The cork board and the curtains make it cozy and keep things hidden in times of need. ;)

The Philippines 4:8 free printable is found HERE.
(Scroll to the bottom of her post to find the printable.) 
I made cute little button thumbtacks for the cork board. 
All you need is a glue gun, thumbtacks, buttons and 5 minutes. 

A small flower mural and a printable.
Printable found HERE.
I have always called Lydia my sunshine girl so this is very fitting for her top bunk. 

Little by little as I have had time and ingenuity with my ideas the girls room is coming together. I have tried very hard to just "use what I have" here in my home. Like the cork board for the bunkbed I have had for awhile and was determined to find a use for it. I love that I discovered the TP stencil idea which is FREE and fun. (idea found here)

Lets make something really clear (that is fun to say for some reason)... before anyone gets their hopes up, this will not be a perfect pinterest room, nope :) because that is just not me (perfect) nor is it my budget. :) (and I am happy about that really) However this room will be custom fit for my girls and for what we value in our home. 
I hope you enjoy and find some little inspiration and can enjoy the simplicity with me. 
Here is my pinterest link to my Girls room ideas! 

In my west corner being grateful for all that I have. 
Stay content my friends... 

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Unknown said...

Hi Becky! I saw you linked up at Diana's Pin Me party. I love this idea! I myself am always finding spots to keep notes.. but mostly I forget about them because I put them on my night stand on a pile!
I will pin it! Also, I am now following you on facebook via my personal page and my blog's page and I would be ecstatic if you'd like me back!
Beth @ The First Year Blog

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Very cute!! Thanks for linking up at my Pin Me Linky Party.

Unknown said...

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