Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18 of helpful words

For me today..and maybe for some of you too.

Grace of Grace Etsy shop.
I enjoy her prints!

I am reading The Ministry of Motherhood given to me by my sis-n-law. Thank you Chrissy

There are just enough nuggets in this book that I wanted to share it with all of you. 
This book has been a great to read along side my '30 days of Helpful words'. 

Practically: When I pray with my kids at night I have really started praying words of life and faith.
Building them up as I pray and seeing them in faith. I have started to look forward to this time with each of them, as before it was just a standard almost routine goodnight prayer. 

For example: Thank you God for Lydia and all the talents and gifts you have given her, please use her love to dance to honor you. Thank you for putting her and her laughter in our family use her to bring joy to others as she grows. Help her not to keep the gifts and talents you have given her to herself.  etc.

As I pray in faith for my kids it really has helped me during the day to see them in faith and to speak more encouraging and helpful words. 

Humbly yours,
 in my west corner, desiring to give life with my words,


Leah said...

Enjoy the book. Sally Clarkson's books are my absolute favorite! I've read every single one. They are all excellent!

Betsy de Cruz said...

I read this book too several years ago, and it was so good. I love your prayer for your daughter. I try to pray things like this for my kids too at night, So this encourages me.

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