Friday, February 15, 2013

Cardboard Mixed Media art with kids

Hi all. Happy day after lovers day. :) 
Here is our novice ideas of mixed media art. :) Enjoy

Each child was given piece a of perforated cardboard.
I just peeled off the top part of the cardboard for this look.

I had them paint the base colour white. 
Autty is using a tooth brush here. :)

This part is pretty important I think!
Use a blow dryer to dry the different layers of paint it really helped keep us moving.

Then they used water colours over the base colour. 
One thing the kids really liked is holding up there cardboard and letting the water colours run down or across the cardboard to give texture to their pieces.

We used:
Acrylic white paint
Water paints
Lots of brushes (tooth brush, foam brushes, etc)
Alphabet stamps and black stamp pad
Markers (permanent)
Pieces of paper (scrap book paper, newspaper, etc)
Glue stick
Mod podge

Our Cardboard Mixed Media Art pieces:

I gave a few instructions and then really tried to let them create as they desired.

I also gave it a try the day before and here is what I came up with. :)
(I made this specifically for a friend
who is in need of wisdom.)

The verse on the piece is James 1:5
"If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives liberally to all who ask for it." 

Truth is I am not a Mixed Media artist myself (shocked are you?) ;)...but I love art and these days have a special infinity for Mixed Media art especially. 

The electricity went out for about 15 minutes while we were working on this. 
Ode to my life in Turkey. It keeps life popping. 

The kids and I tried our hand with what we had: Cardboard! (of course) 
Thanks for peeking in at our humble pieces. :)

In our west corner of Turkey using what we have to create,

(Yesterday I went to Lydia's 1st grade class and did my first craft for her and her classmates. :)  I'll be starting up my 'Investing in our Neighbourhood' posts again soon. I love that they all call out Rebekah Teyze. :)) (Aunt Rebekah)


The OT Toolbox said...

these pieces are completely gorgeous! We love doing recycled art in our house and may just need to try something like yours! I’m stopping by from the TGIF linky party. I wanted to invite you to share with us in our Share It Saturday link up.
There are so many creative bloggers who are linking up each week and you would fit right in! We also have a Share It Saturday Pinterest page and are inviting all contributors to collaborate on this group board. Such a great way to reach out to new readers!! Hope to see you there!
Colleen at Sugar Aunts

Tammy @ housing a forest said...

I love this piece! We are all about recycled art and using what we have on hand as well.

The OT Toolbox said...

We decided to feature your post on Share It Saturday tomorrow! We are always looking for fun indoor/sensory play ideas! Feel free to stop by tomorrow to check it out. We'll also be sharing with our FB followers, so stop by and say hi if you like (We would love to connect with you there, too :)

If you haven't already, comment on our Share It Saturday Pinterest page and we can add you as a collaborator. You can start pinning any of your posts :) The link will be on our blog post tomorrow.

Hope to see you back at Share It Saturday!

jk said...

Oh my! I love these!!! My kids living creating artwork and I love all your ideas :)

Erica Price said...

I really think that the corrugated cardboard really adds something to the overall effect. I do love the mix of materials and all the different textures.

maggy, red ted art said...

Mix media is a wonderful way to explore art with kids - the possibilities are endless. Love your final pieces of art!

Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Arty!


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