Friday, February 1, 2013

Our remedy: An indoor snowmen

Our first real snow of the season!!! SNOW what a wonderful gift this past week.

The snow was too soft the first day for a snowmen.  Living on the 5th floor over looking a street makes playing in the snow and making snowmen challenging, especially the 2nd day when the snow is melting and people are using the sidewalks more.

So to remedy that issue this is what we did: 

A bowl full of snow from our balcony onto our kitchen table.

and this is what we made:

George the snowmen.

George the Snowmen went back out onto our balcony transformed into a new man. ;) ha ha ha

Thank you kiddos for being so easy to enthral, for not noticing we don't have a back yard to play in, for diving in wherever you are with joy and freedom. You teach me so much about enjoying where I am.

In my little west snowy corner of Turkey,

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Betsy de Cruz said...

What a cute snowman for your balcony! Great idea! If it ever snows again here in Izmir (twice in 11 years!!!!) we're gonna do that too!

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