Monday, April 29, 2013

Keepsake correspondence Binders (great for TCKids)

Living across the ocean, another culture and time zone away from our family and dear friends has its challenges.

There are a few things though that are special to living away from family and one that I want to capitalise on is those sweet cards, notes and letters that come in the mail or other avenues. They can become tiny treasures, especially to your kiddos.

Thus the beginning of our Keepsake correspondence binders for our kiddos.

Each child has a binder that keeps all their cards and note etc from Grandparents, cousins and friends over the years. 

A friend of mine started this and I picked up on it and have been doing it now for a few years. My girls especially love this, they get their binders out from time to time and just sit and look through them. 
It is a reminder to them that they are loved from a distance. 

We also keep notes from friends. I personally love all the ones from school mates that are in Turkish. 
What a great keepsake. 

It also is a great storage/organiser saver. :) 

Truth is being away from those we love and them being away from us is difficult.  However it is good for the soul to be able to see and touch all those bits of love being sent our way from close or across the sea.  I also think for our kids it is a tangible help to feeling connected with family. 

Just a little added note.  I think for the grandparents it is an inexpensive way to keep in touch without sending an expensive package. :) Also if it is difficult for a family member to write letters, cards are a great help. :)

Using our challenges to find sweet memories. Hope this helps you all to create your own memories.
In our west corner,

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Unknown said...

GREAT idea! I have got to do this!

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