Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pallet couch for our Home school room

OUr new PLace and SPace:
Here are a few pictures of our upstairs. (some are pretty grainy) We made it into our Homeschool/everything room. 
It is also where I give english lessons to a small class of boys. 

Well here we are: our homemade couch (pallet couch) and it is used ALL the time and is comfy with the thick foam. One day I would like to make a patch work cover for it day. 

It also stores our Math -u- see blocks and certain board books. David found where they make pallets here and bought me 4 as a surprise for 9 lira a piece (that is about $4 each).
FOUR pallets?? - I wasn't to sure what I was going to do with 4 but I was excited and we have successfully used three - 2 for this couch and one for a desk we made. (pictures on that another time) 

I don't know if you can see it so well but I stencilled on our terrace door window. I used a stencil I found online for free and then used water colours and dabbed and sponged. It created a fun little design and is easily wiped off without scrubbing. So if you ever want to stencil a window... 
use water colours with just enough water to create a paste and dab and sponge away. 

Quick story: 
Although I have lived in Turkey now for 9 years there are still moments and situations where I feel intimidated by the culture, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. 

This chair you see below is an example of me overcoming some of that fear and intimation I feel at times.  

In my little corner here there are a few used furniture places that are down a narrow alley in the downtown area.  It is a street with about seven or so little storefronts full of used furniture and household items. It is not a bad part of the town but for some reason it has always intimidated me and I have never went without Dave. (even though I love the thought of finding some treasure there)  

Well, I needed foam for our pallet couch and when I found out the price, it was more than we could afford so I decided to get over my 'I don't feel like I belong, intimidation issue' and head to the narrow street.  Let me mention that it is hard to get our big van in and out of the narrow street, and it is usually all men sitting about and drinking tea watching you walk up and down and into their shops. However I went and I was successful! I found foam for 10 lira ($5) and this adorable chair with wheels that I bargained for from 30 tl to 15 tl (about 7 dollars) from a very kind shop owner, mind you. So a victory for me and a huge savings on my upstairs furnishings!!! 

Here is the full span of the room. Yes it is huge, yes it is aMaZIng. We do not need this space for learning because I believe learning should and can happen in every room in our house but there are NO complaints from me. It is so nice to have an upstairs and not be worried about keeping the kids quiet all the time. So while we have this space we are using it to the fullest. 

The kids do lots of dancing shows, magic shows, forts and 
everything and anything else you can imagine. 

Here is a picture of two little boys I give english lessons too every Monday and Thursday. :) 
This Monday I am adding one more little guy.... we shall see how three,  5 and 6 year old boys do! 

Well Happy Mother's day to all you moms! 
I had breakfast in bed - homemade scones, green tea and fruit and was smothered with homemade cards. :) I am grateful that my husband and kids have shown their appreciation for me today. It is a gift to be appreciated and loved; not a right. 

In my little west corner in a not so 'little' apartment,


Leah said...

Happy Mother's Day! Your new apartment is wonderful! I think of you often and continue to pray for you and your mom. Blessings!

Dan & Ami said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing the fun and friendly looking upper room! Miss you. So glad the kids have this space right now. Appreciated your sharing about your braving the alley. I'm inspired to do something intimidating this week! Thanks!

Teresa said...

I am so glad you posted a picture of your fun new space! I had been wanting to see it. It is beautiful! I know you all will have such great times up there!

Vicky Marie said...

What a fun room:)

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