Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twirl away darlings ~ your covered!

I have two girlies and they are just that girly.
They love to wear skirts and my younger of the two especially likes the twirly skirts and loves to twirl. She is pretty insistent on skirts every day, all day. :)

So as we know after Spring comes Summer, I considered buying some strtechy shorts for under their skirts and dresses for all that twirlying and sliding down slides etc. they will be doing. 
I have always wanted to make sure they are covered and still able to play without restriction. 
So I decided I would Spring clean and see what I could find.

'Use what you have' is my theme so instead of putting on my shopping list 'shorts for under skirts',  I opened the girls dresser and these were my finds. Perfect for my idea:

So here is what I did to ensure that my girls could
twirl, whirl, jump rope, slide down slides and still be modest and covered. ;)

 Here's the
Some shorts can be pretty uncomforable under skirts so I wanted to find the stretchy kind that would feel more natural for them.  I think these will work great and not be to bulky.

 Since the girls have lots of tights from the winter and several with holes I went to work on those too.  I figure  in summer they my be too hot but until then I can get a little more use out of them.  I think they are pretty cute and my middle girly really likes them especially with the ruffle.

One thing I realized and then had to redo is to strech the tigths out and then meaure the ribbon.
While I sewed I continued to make sure the leg was streched well and then I sewed on the ribbon. I needed to ensure that the tights would fit around their thighs.
I hand stitched the tights. Truth is I just don't mind hand stiching ~ I think it can be theraputic sometimes. :)

Ok, ready for my darlings to twirl away.
 So that's that.  The thing I like about this idea so much is not that I turned pants into shorts
 ( so not an original idea) but that I was able to find a solution for a need
without immediatly going out and just buying something.

This was featured over at Measured by the Heart.

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Teresa said...

Hello! I found your blog from the forum you posted it in. I am LOVING reading about your good ideas and everyday life with littles in Turkey.

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