Saturday, November 5, 2011

Playing with food again ~ Saturday sillys

We are olive lovers here.  Black and green both, pits or no pits. 
Turkey is known for its olives and olive oil. My kids can eat handfuls of olives. :) 
So even though peanut butter sandwiches don't seem to go with olives...they do in this little west corner.  
Enjoy your weekend and play with your food. Go on go play with your food (or your kids food anyway) :)

Car sandwich on the go.

*Peanut butter sandwich for the car body
*Olives for the wheels
*Cucumbers for the road and exhaust smoke. 

Sunflower love Sandwich
Little extra tidbit:
(There happens to be a Sunflower field fairly close to our apartment and in the spring it is simply gorgeous.)

*Peanut butter sandwich for center of sunflower
*Maderins for petals
*Cucumber for stem
*Olives for leaves

Today is a holiday here. (Kurban Bayram) 
So to all of my dear Turkish friends ~ Bayramiz Kutlu Olsun.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving more now as I watch my Turkish friends prepare for their Holiday.
In our little west corner,


Beth ( said...

This is so cute & fun! I bet your kids LOVED it! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back, if you like =-)

Eve Sanchez said...

Love this. I eat sandwiches every day and love mandarins. New follower!
Would you follow my craft blog at

Heather @ Creative Family Moments said...

I'm gaga over the sunflower. I have everything for it too! THanks!

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