Friday, November 4, 2011

Upcycling clothes into doll clothes.

Here is the post I did from over from at 
Creating your way to Success 2 weeks ago. 
It was featured on Craft Gossip and One Pretty Thing! How fun.

On this fun Friday I want to share how my girls and I put together a few outfits for their dolls by simply upcycling/recycling some unwanted clothing.

A Sock hoody, Pant leg jean skirts, a Sleeve sweater 
and a Sock dress. 

I made these two yellow haired dolls some time ago for the girls. The third doll is a muslin ready made doll my daughter put together. They were scantly clad for way too long. So my girls and I went to work. I have put together a picture tutorial for each piece of doll clothing. They are very simple and take little time to create.

Sleeve Sweater
1. Find an old sweater.
2. Cut off sleeve according to the length of dolls waist
3. Take the doll's arm and measure from what is left of the sweater sleeve.
4. Cut a piece of sweater that is long enough and wide enough for a sleeve. Do this twice for two sleeves.
5. Sew newly cut sleeves closed - into a cylinder shape. Set aside.
6. For sweater bodice, take the piece cut off from the sleeve in step #2 and cut small holes in each side for the arms. 
7. Now take the sleeves you made and insert them into the arm holes of the bodice.
8. Turn sweater inside out, then take the sleeve that is poking through the arm holes and turn it towards the sweater. Sew the small piece of  sleeve around the hole that you made for the arms, so that the sleeve is now attached to the inside of the sweater. Do other arm the same.
9. Turn sweater right side out and tada ~ a doll sweater.

Sock Sweater Hoody
This sock hoody is very simple:
1. Find sock.
2. Cut holes for arms and head.
3. Cut the head and neck hole larger.
4. Cut the sock to fit to dolls waist.

Pant Leg Jean Skirt

1. Find old pair of jeans (these were mine)
2. Cut off pant leg to the length of skirt you want. (These jean skirts could easily fit an 18" doll)
3. Turn inside out and fold down material.
4. Sew around pant leg and leave an opening then  run elastic through opening with a saftey pin.
4. Tie or sew elastic in place. Sew up opening.
5. Turn right side out.

Here are our models: 
Melek (Angel) and Sari (Yellow)
 Want to make your own rag doll? 
Here is the link I found to a pdf for the pattern to one of the rag dolls above. Click here
Here are a few more examples 
of our recycled/upcycled doll clothes.

I hope all of you reading have enjoyed these fun doll outfits and maybe just maybe some of you now have a few new ideas for those miss-matched socks of yours that are hanging out in your laundry baskets looking for a home.

My blog is a place where I record my creativity/art and highlight lots of kids crafts, simple sewing, my reflection of culture, faith and being a mom to my 3 kiddos in a country that is not my own. I am honored to have you come over and visit my corner of the blogoshere. Here are a few links of my posts to show you a bit of who I am, because my blog is just that, me. :)
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From my little corner of the world to yours,

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Anonymous said...

hello! i've just stumbled across your blog and i can't stop scrolling through it! i was so impressed when i saw that hoodie made out of a sock, i would never have thought to do something like that! you seem so creative! hope you and your family are well. : )

Creatively Content said...

Anonymous, How fun to have you stumble here. :) Thanks for your sweet words..honestly my girls and I had such a fun time coming up with these clothes. It was fun to have some AHA moments with what we could do with our old socks.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I have a never ending supply of odd socks. Now I know what I can do with them!!! You have so many creative ideas here. The skirt from the leg of old jeans is so simple, yet I would never have thought to do this. The dolls and their clothes look fabulous!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Hi Becky, I've featured your Upcycling Clothes to Dolls Clothes today...

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