Saturday, March 2, 2013

Investing in the Neighbourhood school - # 5

I visited my 1st grade daughters class the other day to do a craft. Yes I was invited to come into Lydia's class this year and do crafts like I had done with my 1st daughter for her 1st and 2nd grade years. 

I was so grateful that I was able to go. 1st grade in Turkey can be very difficult.  They go from Kindergarten where there are toys, games and singing to having 2 or 3 hours of homework a night depending on the teacher. In 1st grade here the main topic of study for the first semester is learning to read and write Turkish. Every child will learn to read by the time they leave 1st grade.

The class has recently been looking at clocks and working with telling time so we made Tp tube watches.  We used pipe cleaners and a hole punch to secure them on their wrists. :)

This picture is of my little girl laughing at her mom! (I think she is a little embarrassed;))

Here we are singing the wheels on the bus (well I am singing)...and we are all doing the actions. :) They loved this and we did it twice!

I have committed to going once a month to Lydia's class and doing a craft with them the last hour of their school day.  Of course I do this to serve our school and because these little kids get very little of crafts and projects in 1st grade but I mainly do it to help my little girl feel secure and confident in her environment.

I think that it really has helped both my girls to see me step out and do things that is outside of my realm and watch me fumble and bumble in my Turkish while I explain and share in their classes.  I want to be an example of stepping out and serving others for my kiddos. My oldest that I am homeschooling came with me and helped me with the project. Her help was GREAT and needed.

Here is my helper Dilek. Her daughter was in Autty's class and now her son is in Lyida's class. So she has helped me every time! Soooo grateful for her. :)

Off I go to put my kiddos to bed. Enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening...whatever it may be for you right now. :)

In my west corner investing with what I have,


Missy said...

I know moms will do whatever they need to do for their children, their children's school, and their children's friends. With that being said, I admire you for what you do, for your humility, and your faithfulness to the One who helps you to do all that you do. I know that Christ gives you your strength. I still admire you and enjoy your conversations surprising me in my inbox. Have a very blessed day.

Creatively Content said...

Missy, You put a smile on my face this morning. thank you for your encouraging words.

Betsy de Cruz said...

What a great ministry! Crafts are certainly lacking in schools here. Last Christmas we made snowflake cards at a women's party, and I realized that more than one ADULT woman does not know how to cut a heart shape out of a folded paper..

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