Thursday, September 19, 2013

Austria ~ Part #1 of our Crazy Europe tour

We drove through Bulgaria, stayed a night in Serbia, arrived in Budapest, Hungry in time to eat a famous and delicious Hungarian duck dinner at 9 pm. Then we got up the next day and found ourselves in...
Looking out our bedroom window at the Farmhouse apartment in Austria. 

Pristine, full of agriculture, 
sculptured, simple living,

I loved staring out the window at the paths in the distance 
and just thinking. 

I had to put this pic in. 
The colored car Bingo that I printed out for Isaac, was a HIT!! Car Bingo
It was so fun to watch him be so intent on finding that orange or green car.
I had some fun print outs in a 3 ring binder and placed the car bingo in a protective clear sleeve and put sticker dots on the side. It was really a perfect car game.

They have no idea how privileged they are.

This is the farm house we stayed in. It had two small apartments in it. 
We are on the 2nd floor. 
The  Farm house was over 100 euro cheaper than a hotel and the emenities were right up my alley: 
A fresh herb garden
Lavender pillows
Rolling hills
Homemade yogurt and fresh cows milk
Scenery that seems meant for only kings yet God in all His glory allows all to see.
A fresh water spring with water that is crystal clear.
Goats :)
Trampoline and pool

The  fresh spring was about a 5 minute walk from where we were staying. 
The water was so amazing. I had no idea water could be so sweet and refreshing. Super fun. 

There was one other German family staying at the farmhouse as well. 
Lydia enjoyed their littlest girl a lot. 

Camping in Salzburg, Austria. 
It rained the whole time. :) 

The Gazebo from Sound of Music. :) 

Printed them off put clear contact paper over them and gave everyone a sheet of sticker dots. 

Here we are at one of our border crossings. 
The longest we waited at a border was 2 hours, the shortest was 15 minutes. :)

I considered the word 'wealth' on this trip. We camped often and stayed in unique places in order to save our pennies. We didn't have a luxurious trip to some standards but to me, to us the beauty of Austria was luxurious and we felt wealthy every time we looked out on the green rolling hills. 

I loved Austria!  Even the little bus stops were ladden with fresh flowers.
Well I have finished the first part/post of our trip the 2nd is sure to come soon- Czech Republic. :) 

In my little west corner full of wonder for our world,

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Jill said...

Looks and sounds Fabulous Becky! We had lots of family camping and driving trips in Europe when I was growing up and we went to Austria several times - so beautiful, I love it there!!

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